CCE Mission

Founded in 1982, the Council for Court Excellence (CCE) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic organization that envisions a justice system in the District of Columbia that equitably serves its people and continues to be a model for creating stronger and more prosperous communities. CCE identifies and proposes solutions by collaborating with diverse stakeholders to conduct research, advance policy, educate the public, and increase civic engagement.

Latest News

  • CCE Publishes New Guide to Help D.C. Residents Navigate Complex Legal Decisions

    CCE Publishes New Guide to Help D.C. Residents Navigate Complex Legal Decisions

    When Adults Need Help Making Decisions and Managing Daily Affairs, a guide that explains in non-technical language the resources that are available to people in the D.C. area who, because of illness, physical or intellectual disabilities, aging, injury or dementia, may need extra help when making important life decisions. This guide can help D.C. residents and family members, social workers, lawyers, and anyone who is seeking to support a loved one who may need assistance making legal, financial, educational, or medical decisions.

  • CCE Awarded 2019 Grant to Study Building a New Jail in D.C.

    CCE to lead a citywide engagement effort to elevate community priorities as the District prepares to build a new correctional facility.

  • Save the Date: Justice Potter Stewart Award Dinner!

    Save-the-Date! CCE's 2019 Justice Potter Stewart Award Dinner will be held on May 23rd, 2019. Join us in celebrating the contributions of Mark Herzog, Michele Roberts, and Charlie and Pauline Sullivan.

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