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The Council for Court Excellence works to improve the administration of justice in the local and federal courts and related agencies in the Washington metropolitan area. Formed in Washington, DC in January 1982, the Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic organization.

Latest News

  • It's A New Day In DC

    It's A New Day In DC

    Last week, DC saw the election of a new mayor, three new council members, and for the first time, an attorney general. These transitions in elected leadership will mean both change and opportunity in all areas, not the least of which is continuing to improve justice for DC residents. For over three decades, the Council for Court Excellence has worked successfully with the DC mayor and council to address critical issues in both civil and criminal justice. We do this through our extensive network of board and committee members, who are able to convene stakeholders and develop policy recommendations that then are translated into law. Here are just a few examples of legislation that CCE was involved in that were passed under different mayoral administrations. Of course, these don’t reflect the many studies and reports we’ve done that have changed non-legislative policies and practices.

  • Diane Rehm Show Features CCE Jury Project Members

    Diane Rehm Show Features CCE Jury Project Members

    The Diane Rehm Show recently featured an hour long segment on jury service, once again demonstrating the timely and important nature of CCE’s jury work. Indeed, three of the four guests on the show are members of CCE’s Jury Project Committee...

  • Welcome Amanda

    Welcome Amanda

    Please join us in welcoming CCE’s newest staff member, Amanda Townsend. Amanda is CCE’s Development Director and will be responsible for all fundraising efforts for the organization.

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